A tiara is something that every girl in the world dreams of owning, because deep down every little girl and woman wants to be a princess. Our indulgence in this little fantasy means that every time we have an opportunity to dress up in a pretty ball gown, the princess within soon comes out and we rush out to find the perfect tiara, because, like shoes, a girl needs more than one.

Wedding Tiaras & Bridal Tiaras

When we're getting married it's our special day to really shine and be treated like a goddess, there's an old saying that the wedding is for the bride and that really is the case most of the time! Choosing just the right dress and accessories is key on our special day in church when we marry our own Prince Charming and to complete this image the perfect bridal tiara with the wedding veil is a must. When choosing your wedding tiara you'll need to look at what other jewellery you're wearing and what style of dress you have. Sometimes a delicate tiara made from silver or gold effect metal will look very stylish and chic, but if you're having a themed wedding or have a penchant for the dramatic and eye catching them something a little bigger and thicker might be up your street. You can get plain bridal tiaras that are simply a delicate shape, or you can get ones that feature beautiful jewels or decorations that really make you stand out and look like a true princess.

Bridesmaid Tiaras

Bridesmaids are often very close friends of the bride, or in some cases younger children from the family. Because of this giving them their very own bridesmaids tiara is a must, just make sure that they're not grander than yours! Little girls will love getting their dress and tiara and they'll be smiley and happy all day because they get to dress up like a grown up. In keeping with the princess idea, the promise of their very own bridesmaid tiara to keep is enough to ensure any young bridesmaid behaves during the ceremony. When you're using older girls as your bridesmaids the tiara offer still holds true, and dressing up for the wedding is something you can all share together to make the day even more special. They'll want to share your special day with you, and there's no reason why they can't be princesses too on your special day. As with the bridal tiara, the bridesmaids tiaras need to match the style of the dress and ceremony, and also be the same sort of style as the bride's tiara, just slightly more simplistic. A nice idea is a circlet which sits in a band around their head and when decorated very simply with engravings and a few jewels they can be a real testimony to the idea that simplicity is the most stylish way to go.

Prom Tiaras

Prom is an important part of every young girl's life in America, and that trend is slowly creeping over to Britain with girls spending hundreds of pounds on the best dress in the year group and coupling it off with the best possible accessories. This includes the all important prom tiara. Some schools have a Prom Queen and Prom King competition where a boy and girl are nominated as king and queen and given a special crown or tiara to name them as either the nicest or the most popular in the year. Gaining this all important Prom Queen Tiara is something akin to being crowned Miss Congeniality at the Miss World competition and it's something every girl wants. However, only one girl in the entire year group can get it and to compensate for this many girls will include a tiara in their outfit when they buy it so they can feel like a posh and sophisticated princess for the evening whether or not they get voted prom queen or not. These prom tiaras are often very extravagant and fancy and enough to rival any bridal tiara hands down! The bigger and more jewel encrusted the better is often the rule in this case and sometimes the tiara can be more important than the dress. These tiaras are often bought specially with the prom dress and the shop assistant will often help you select a tiara that works well with your face shape and hair and most importantly will match your dress. Pale colours like blues and pinks need a silver prom tiara to compliment them, whereas bolder colours often look a lot more effective when coupled with gold.

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